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5 reasons to have a website

1. People–prospective clients, employers–can find you!


It can't be understated that first impressions now happen online, and that even local businesses will more often have potential customers research the business online, before setting foot into their brick and mortar business front. If folks can't find you online, you're missing out on all the potential ease, trust, and privacy built by them first using their computer or mobile device.

2. Your services, products, or content can get more attention

You may have heard this before, but it's worth restating. Having a website is like having your business be open 24 hours a day/7 days a week/year-round. Ok, at least the customer service desk. Business is all about building relationship. If your content (written, audio, or video) can work for you 24 hours a day, that relationship building is going to be a lot easier and faster.

3. It sends an active professional message to the world

We can't deny that (in some professions), if you show up to work in your PJs, it just doesn't fly. Creating a clear and compelling website for your business sends an active professional message to world. It lets people know you're an expert in what you do, and have put the time and energy into creating a way for them to interact with your business. Note: sometimes having a website that's 10-years old, an out of date or has missing/outdated information can do the opposite of sending a professional message to the world. Keep an eye out for that!  

4. You can track important information for better business results.

With just a little bit of time setting up Google Analytics, you can track information about what kind of people are coming to your site, and how they're interacting with it. You can't track that kind of data with print ads or other traditional marketing routes. With this information you can narrow in on what people are looking for, and how to give them more of that! 

5. Through a great website you let your personality shine–you are your brand.

In a world dominated by large corporate interests, customers love to know WHO is behind a business. When you create a website you a customize it to be an expression of your values, ethics, and "vibe". Two people can offer the same product and service, and clients and customers will be drawn to one over the other based on how they express their brand. When you're a small team or solopreneur, building your brand is key to drawing the right people to your business and helping clients sort through the forest of trees to find just what they're looking for (you!).

“Branding is an emotional connection repeated over time. It’s not just your logo, font, color scheme. It’s not even your service or product, it’s how you portray yourself visually or verbally that makes people feel seen, felt or heard.”

~Megan Auman

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