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Are We A Good Fit?

Yes, I'm asking you to pause before you buy. Unconventional maybe, but really important. Your time, energy and your money are important resources. I may be really affordable but if we're the wrong fit, it would be pointless (and frustrating) that you rushed into working with me. 

We would be a good match, if:

  • You're an individual or team on a budget, but you still want a sharp, beautiful, customized website. You're small, and plan to stay small (1-10 people)

  • You need some "hand-holding". This website thing has just been such a struggle for you to "just get done". I bring a very patient and creative approach to getting your mission-driven web presence online and I will gently support you to co-create something you love.

  • You need a website that uses and integrates the basics: content, images, email newsletter, videos, online booking, etc. You need to "get found" on google, but you're not dependent on complex and competitive Search Engine Optimization like big companies are. (If you hope to move that direction, I can refer you to folks who can help).

  • You're not really worried about extra-special SEO. If you're a service provider who isn't running a huge online store, you'll be fine working with me. If your visual and written content is engaging, clear, and specific to your target audience, your website will be fine with the amount of SEO support I can provide.

  • You need some basic graphic design for printing things like business cards, pamphlets, postcards, posters, etc. 

  • You want some additional online marketing strategies to get your clients to engage with your business. But you've got your own off-line (in-person) strategies that have worked already, too.

  • You're able to afford a 50% down payment & yearly fees for domain & hosting ($120-$300/yr) to start.

We won't be the best possible match, if:


  • You want me to design on wordpress. I specialize in web design using I rock at it. Although I can edit and update existing websites on wordpress, squarespace, weebly,'s not my bread and butter. I'll probably recommend you find someone else. 

  • You want me to manage your site daily or weekly for you. I create and help you set-up websites that are beautiful and functional, at an affordable price for solo practitioners or small businesses. It will be highly likely that you'll hire additional help for things here and there, and I recommend you do so! 

  • You need high-end graphic design for various products, complex photo editing, logo design, etc. We can find a basic image for a logo, but I will refer you to a more skilled graphic designer for work other than the basics.


WHAT SERVICES I DON'T OFFER: (but others do)


  • Photography

  • High-end Graphic Design

  • In-depth Branding Evaluation

  • Specialized Marketing Coaching

  • Social Media Management

  • Ongoing SEO and Google Analytics

  • Virtual Assistant

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