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Experience a beautiful and functional website that helps you 
transform lives

Heartfelt and organic webdesign for established entrepreneurs and holistic professionals


Thriving Authentic Business

Have you been struggling with:
  • Being in business for a few years, but not seeing any new online traffic?

  • Feeling like your website isn’t working for you as much as you imagine it could?

  • Longing to up your impact and reach more people with your work or message?

  • Not having the right digital tools to reach you business goals, or tied up in analysis paralysis about which tools your business needs (or doesn’t need)? 


Would you like to feel:
  • Proud of the beauty, aesthetic, and functionality of your online presence?

  • Confident in the story your are sharing with the world through your work?

  • Your website is advertising for you 24/7 without much effort?

  • You have all the tools you need to run a smoothly functioning business?

  • Like you have a calm website-doula holding your hand along the way? 


Working with me you'll experience:
  • Organic and Heartfelt Webdesign that helps your business:

    • Get found online more and more

    • Build trust and relationship with your ideal clients

    • Converts to sales with exactly the folks you want to work with

Web design that works to connect you to your an affordable price.

Designing with Joy

My name is Miriam Joy Dowd-Eller, and I help Holistic Healthcare Providers, Coaches, Therapists, Teachers and Facilitators effectively reach clients through strategic web design. 


There is a dizzying array of options to build your website and conflicting messages about how to market and brand yourself. I take pride in slowing all of this down and meeting you where you're at. My goal is to help you build a solid foundation so you can grow your business, and feel empowered by mastering all the digital tools you need to run it.


Additionally, though beautiful and heartfelt website design is richly satisfying and can help your people choose YOU over someone else with a generic site…it is often not enough to bring your business or organization the amount of people, sales, or connections you need to thrive.


I bring advanced SEO optimization tools and a little bit of writing support to your project to get MORE EYES on your site, and more of the folks you would feel over-the-moon to work for/with saying “YES, THATS FOR ME!” when they land on your site.



"Her compassion and sincere listening as you answer the gentle probing questions leads to getting, in the end, exactly what you want... more than you imagined!"
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