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Web Design Package

  • A gorgeous custom-tailored Wix Website (up to 10 pages)
  • Desktop & Mobile-friendly design
  • Hosting & domain configuration
  • A text or picture based logo design
  • Social media integrations
  • Newsletter opt in set up
  • Basic Online Booking or Online Store setup
  • Custom brand colors, fonts, graphics for your site
  • A beautiful custom launch graphic for you to announce your site in the world on social media
  • A 60-minute Phone or Zoom call with a Guided Yoga Nidra/Deep relaxation session to tap into your business, mission, and vision.
  • Unlimited design review meetings to go over progress and edit as your site is being created (note: only during our 2 "feedback weeks").
  • A virtual training to show you the basics of how to edit and update your site (recorded for you to reference later)
  • Up to 5 branded social media banners/images for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • Two branded print designs of your choice (business cards, signs, brochures, t-shirt, etc.)
  • Advanced SEO optimization consultations (two 60-min Zoom Calls)
Starting at $3,500
(6 and 12 month payment plans available)
Please note I have a "transfer" discount available for those hesitant to work with me because of needing to learn a new platform. 
Web Design
The Design Process is about 4-6 weeks long with a 1-hour meeting scheduled every week (for the first four weeks)
You'll first start with client homework workbook that will guide you through creating your site's content. Due a minimum of 2 weeks before we begin

All projects are done using a custom build

Any additional work after the project is completed will be billed hourly

Not included in your package (i.e. extra costs)


The following add-on services are an extra cost (per hour). (See More Below)

  • Advanced set up of online booking software or an online store (i.e. adding more than 1-3 classes/services/products)

  • Graphic Design for online or print products beyond the scope of your package


The following third party costs are variable and are not included in the price of your website. Your final invoice will reflect the cost of any additional apps or purchases we agreed to. You (as the client), will be responsible for your monthly or yearly costs.

  • Premium Hosting Package from ($132-$300/year) *subject to change

  • Domain name registration – $12-$25 a year (i.e.

  • SOME Stock images ($3 each when purchased through Wix, approved before purchase)



I’m committed to making high-quality web design as affordable as I can to anyone who wishes to work with me. I understand that there are different stages of business growth, business models (including non-profit), and life circumstances that make investing in a quality website a challenge. Please note that I have a few sliding-scale spaces available every-year for hourly consulting and full-scale web design packages.  If you are a non-profit (or heading there), just starting out, BIPOC or otherwise have challenging life circumstances please reach out.



This path is for those who are self-starters–and those wanting just a little hand-holding on building their own website.
This is a good option for those who have the time to lightly alter a template, using my services as a consultant to troubleshoot any issues that may come up  (with design, layout, writing content, search engine optimization, mobile optimization, etc.) while creating your professional online presence.
You choose at which point you want help. If you want to reach out for any in-the-moment help, I will (meticulously!) track my time spent helping you, and invoice you for the total.
Our initial conversation is always FREE, in order to determine if I can help. If you need any hands-on "band-aid" design, first let me know what platform/software you're using... to determine if I can support you.
This option is billed by-the-hour.
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